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We take great pride in providing top-notch IT solutions in the UAE. Being one of the top IT support providers in the United Arab Emirates, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service, which is a direct result of our commitment to excellence. We are innovators and constantly hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to today’s pertinent IT systems.

IT Product Sales

New & Refurbished

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Printers
  • Accessories and Peripherals

Network Solutions

Expert in Wireless, Switching, Routing, and Structured Cabling Solutions.

By using these solutions, We can improve communication and collaboration among your employees, increase data security, and enhance your business processes. 

Server Solutions

Depending on the type of business, server requirements can vary significantly. we Offers you customized server solutions to meet your individual needs

Data Storage Solutions

Is it simple to access your data? Learn more about Conquer’s data storage solutions, which use best-in-class technology to streamline and combine your storage.

Data Backup Solutions

We provide managed data storage and backup services for corporations and enterprises.

Network Security Solutions

Is it simple to access your data? Learn more about Conquer’s data storage solutions, which use best-in-class technology to streamline and combine your storage.

Business Email Solutions

We assist you in selecting the ideal business email platform from a variety of top providers, including Microsoft, Google, Mailchimp, and others.

Cloud Services

We’ve produced a list of the best cloud service providers in the region. It’s critical to choose the correct cloud service provider from the plethora of options accessible. We have compiled this list after a thorough examination of cloud computing service providers based on actual user evaluations, portfolio, market penetration, scalability, and a number of other important factors

Microsoft Azure Services

Azure is unrivaled in terms of offering highly compliant and dependable cloud solutions. Azure, being a cloud-based system, is inherently adaptable — it can back up files in practically any language, on any operating system, and from any place. Furthermore, you control the frequency and scope of your backup routine (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

Out Solutions

Managed IT Services

Experience reliable and secure IT operations with our managed IT services in Dubai. Our experts provide 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support.

Application Development

Our app development expertise transforms businesses with innovative solutions.

Technology Consulting

Trusted advisor for reliable and seamless technology consulting services

Digital Marketing

Enhance your online presence with our effective digital marketing techniques.

Web Design and Development

A good user experience is essential for any website, and this is especially true for a digital agency website.

Online Branding

Make sure your branding is consistent across all online channels, including your website, social media profiles.

Surveillance Systems

Protect Your home, Business with the latest home serveillance system including security system and Door and Windows Alarms

We Just Offer The Best Serices


  • PC & Workstation Support

    PCs and workstations are the basic needs in today’s world. This era is the automaton era, full of technology and gadgets. Are you facing hindrance in your work? You want your Pc and workstation to work more efficiently than normal equipment?. From a child to an adult, everyone is well known about PCs and workstations.


  • Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting

    What would you do if your screen goes blank? What if you can’t hear any sound from your speakers? You are not able to work peacefully because your hardware is not running properly in your broken PC. Troubleshooting is exactly the same thing, anything that is undesirable or unexpected occurring in your PC that creates hindrance in your work is related to the trouble.


  • Annual IT Support Contracts

    Are you looking for any experts to upgrade your network hard with cutting-edge hardware?. Do you want to get rid of frustration from successive halts? You are a buildup who needs to deal with multinational corporations and you have different plans for IT setup and you want it to be installed flawlessly? Owing to continuous issues in your IT equipment, you want a corporation that takes the task of providing high-quality performance very seriously.


  • Network Support Services

    Are you tired of seeing wires piled up all over your space? Do you need a new setup for your network? You need to communicate with the IT engineers who are experts in installing any kind of network. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you do in Dubai or all over the world. We have internet setup services in Dubai that provide modern-day technology of connectivity that not only intensifies work quality but also gives a good impression of the business. Our company always makes sure to keep your network secure.


  • Wireless Networking Support

    Do you get fed up with the heaps of wires spread all over your space? So it’s very easy to move from a wired connection to a wireless connection. Wireless networking became a standard in this era. Wireless networking makes your work easy and secure.Wireless communication is a means of transferring data from one location to another. It does not involve a physical medium and send signals across space. But sometimes people get afraid about the security issue in wireless connection. So you are facing these troubles but not to worry, our company is providing you the best wireless networking solutions in Dubai, not only in Dubai but all over the UAE. Through our expertise in wireless networking, we will assist you in realizing your goal of enhanced efficiency.


  • Security Camera Installations

    Do you want to keep an eye on your workers? Do you want to install CCTV in your office to watch your employees work under the set of rules? So above all these, you are looking for experts who have enough experience in the installation of security cameras in Dubai and in the UAE.

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our experienced team of professionals will design and implement an effective IT infrastructure that is best suited to your business needs. We offer quality services and support – whether you are looking to upgrade existing infrastructure or starting a new business.

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