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PBX Hybrid Solutions

Digital telephone systems include a contemporary style and a plethora of additional features and benefits. You can supplement them with analogue, digital, or IP phones. Digital PBX offers a number of critical functions, including VoIP integration, music on wait, and alarm systems. They include an IP interface that enables unified messaging and smooth voicemail delivery.

Why Do We Need PBX Hybrid Solutions?

  • Cost-Effective –There are certain feature sets that are inexpensive. In comparison, many hosted VoIP services demand additional fees for certain critical phone capabilities. Numerous more options may incur additional costs, including the following: Additionally, a call queue is likely to incur additional costs. Indeed, when you adopt a hosted VoIP system, you will almost certainly incur costs for call recording, wallboards, and contact centre activities. If, on the other hand, you are aiming to reduce overall costs, these functions are often offered in premise-based PBX software.

  • Reduced Operating Costs-The last thing any business wants is to sign up for a service that appears to be excellent just to be slammed with unexpectedly hefty fees later on. If managing an on-premise PBX system and related trunks costs less than maintaining a hosted licence for each user running over time, this is worth considering. When addressing this subject, it is critical to examine the utilisation of trunk concentrations, as well as diversity alternatives and the overall number of users.

IP PBX Solutions

You’re seeking a telephony solution that will help you decrease your business’s costs? Do you ensure the security of your company’s telephone communications? You want to ensure that incoming calls are routed correctly to the appropriate department? conquer Computers’ IP PBX solutions are optimal for your requirements.

An IP-PBX system enables seamless call switching between cloud communications and enables users within the organization to share a single external telephone number. It is critical for a small firm to safeguard its private data and manage its personnel. A small firm may benefit from an IP-PBX system by increasing its productivity.

IP PBX phone systems for small businesses are a cost-effective option for all of your company’s telephone-related demands. Whether you are a giant corporation or a small business, an IP PBX will work successfully in any configuration. Our team of IT engineers ensures that all of our esteemed client’s requirements are met effectively.

The following are additional benefits of adopting an IP PBX phone system:

  • Installation and maintenance are simple.
  • Telephone calls at reduced rates, including long-distance and international calls.
  • No further wiring is required.

Asterisk Based Solutions

You’re a new startup company looking to upgrade your office’s telephone system. As a senior executive at a large multinational corporation, do you believe it is time for your organization to upgrade to a more contemporary, cost-effective phone system? Do you believe it is risky to have your communications with clients and branch offices routed on standard servers? It is time for you to test out Conquer Computers’ Asterisk-based PBX solutions in Dubai. This telephone communication service, which is based on the Linux operating system, provides you far greater control over the security of your connection without incurring a costly charge. Infect your telephone-based costs are significantly reduced after you begin implementing DigitalCS’ Asterisk-based solution.

Our solutions incorporate the following characteristics:

  • Configuration of Automatic Call Distribution
  • Configuration of a Conference Call
  • Configuration of a customized IVR
  • Configuration of Voice Mail
  • Configuration of the Call Recording System
  • Configuration of Real-Time Monitoring
  • Integration of CRM and Databases
  • Service Desk Integration Customizable Queue Management
  • Asterisk Open Source Solutions:

    Conquer Computers installs and provides technical assistance for a variety of VoIP software setups. We have the knowledge and have successfully integrated numerous open-source Asterisk PBXs in Dubai, UAE.

    Additionally, Conquer Computers offers a broad range of Asterisk hardware appliances that include entire setups and deployments, including the following:

  • Appliances Digium
  • Appliances Xorcom
  • Appliances Elastix
  • D-Link Appliances Trixbox Appliances

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